Colours that zing, patterns that excite, this is the stuff of the Circus Triangles cushions and lampshades from Butterscotch & Beesting – but what an ever-so-elegant and subtle circus this is!

Coral, teal, slate or a delicate orange ‘flamingo’ hue set the abstract ‘triangle-decorated tent’ theme against a just-off-white background, while “bumblebee balloons” – a row of dots that punctuate the descending journey of the triangles – lead you to the circus tent where the Butterscotch & Beesting’s Circus magic awaits.

We love their yummy colours, simple yet exciting patterns, and think they are the perfect complement to a chic little toddler’s circus themed room!

This playful collection, from Camilla Westergaard, the designer behind the Butterscotch & Beesting brand, is part of her 2013 offerings. She explains: “One day, I whisked these together and… ta da!… the circus of Miss Betty Butterscotch (a trapeze artist turned confectioner) and Mr Bumblewick Beesting (circus ringmaster and conjurer) appeared – as if by magic.”

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Designer Details Butterscotch & Beestings was established in 2012 by Camilla Westergaard, although it is largely run by her (imaginary) ‘circus ring’ partners, Betty Butterscotch (who deals with sweets & delicacies) and Bumblewick Beesting (who manages the magic supplies). Half storyteller, half designer, Camilla has conjured up this magical collection of fabrics and accessories that are simply perfect for a home that features children…