Playful elegance and striking simplicity are the signature of the Oyu Moyu children’s collection, an offshoot – or to put it more aptly ‘the offspring’ – of sophisticated luxury lifestyle brand Oyuna.

Children in cashmere? There was a time when such a notion might have been considered extravagant and impractical. And yet, as one of the most luxurious natural fibres you can get, why would you not want your child to be enveloped in such lush softness and caressed by its sumptuous feel?

When it came to choosing the medium for her eponymous lifestyle brand, Oyuna, which was founded in 2002, cashmere was the natural choice for designer Oyuna Tserendorj – hardly surprising, perhaps, since she grew up in Mongolia, the land of the Tibetan cashmere goat, where the yarn has been the fabric of choice for generations, from warriors on horseback to humble shepherds tending their flocks. Now the fabric is put to stunning use on everything from stylish clothes and free-flowing shawls to homeware including throws and cushions, bedspread and blankets.

When Oyuna became a mother herself (her partner David Bernasconi is Managing Director of the company), it was a natural progression to create clothes and accessories that could be worn by her son, Elias. And the delightful children’s brand Oyu Moyu was born.

The Oyu Moyu collection is a marriage of sleek understated design aesthetics, and a desire to create playful garments that fire a child’s imagination

A key quality of the parent brand, Oyuna, is the combination of softly-rendered luxury forged for a hard-wearing lifestyle, a philosophy that translated perfectly into pint-size proportions with Oyu Moya. Catering for children from birth to 10 years, the collection features beautiful products that are eminently wearable, durable and playful. The luxurious fabrics are designed for free movement that permits play, while practical features – many of the garments are  reversible and machine washable – add to their appeal.

Products are brought to life using high quality natural fibres from soft cottons and linens to wool blends and of course cashmere. Using block colours in primary unisex shades and playing with soft shapes that encourage movement and fluidity, Oyu Moyu is the epitome of chic and cheerful.

The capsule collections also follow themes that are enhanced by stories that Oyuna and Elias have created together. What’s more, each designs comes with a colourful interactive story book, starring Oyu, a little girl from a nomadic family, and her adventures with her play mate, a mountain goat called Moyu.

The Colour World Cashmere Blanket is part of a storyline about colours. The bright graphic Venn diagram shows how the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue combine to make new colours: green, purple and orange, with a teensy blob of brown where all the colours collide. As well as providing the perfect cosy cover-up, this blanket is also a launchpad for creative, colour-mixing explorations!

Top tip Cashmere has a reputation for being high maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Although the care instructions of the cashmere blanket advise dry clean or handwashing in lukewarm water with wool shampoo, you can wash cashmere in a machine on a cool temperature setting and a handwash cycle. Place inside a pillow case before washing for added protection.

Designer Details Oyu Moyu is the work of a small and close-knit team who came together in the summer of 2013 under the creative directorship of Oyuna Tserendorj, founder of luxury lifestyle brand, Oyuna. Oyu Moyu craft engaging, quality childrenswear for babies and children up to 10 years, woven around a supporting world of stories and imaginative play.