Why are we recommending a chain that you can visit in London, Paris, New York and even Mumbai? Well, this Dansaertstraat bakery-cafe is where it all began!

Branches of this popular bakery have been popping up in all corners of the world for over twenty years and the chain now boasts over 180 locations in seventeen different countries.

Alain Coumont opened his very first bakery-meets-cafe in 1990, after becoming so dissatisfied with the bread available in Brussels that the only solution was to make and sell his own.

After starting with a menu purely consisting of artisan bread, Coumont later added the pastries, jams, chocolate spread and selection of beverages which make up the child-friendly and largely organic selection on offer today. The communal, family-friendly tables have become a signature design feature of the cafes and provide plenty of space for tabletop toys and colouring books.