Subtitled, 45 fun and creative papercraft projects for kids, this book is the answer to every parents quandary of what to do at home on a rainy – or ‘just want to stay home’ – day. 

Where many crafting books require an inordinately well-stocked art and craft cupboard, defeating many a craftee before they have even begun, the promise of this title – simply paper, scissors, glue – means that almost any family can now get crafty in a matter of moments.

Divided into four sections – cutting, folding, printing and painting, and modelling – the book features projects using decoupage, collage, mosaics, origami, paper masks, fans, papier-mâché, dollhouse furniture and even a supersonic cardboard space rocket. Each project has four simple step-by-step photographs to help you along the building process, and there are suggestions for alternative items you might like to use, if you happen to be short on one particular craft material on the day. No specialist equipment is required, and any templates you need are included at the back of the book.

Brilliant for boys and girls, there are projects that encompass every passion your child may have – from pirates, butterflies and accessories to flowers, insects or dinosaurs

There are also a host of crafting projects that you might just need a quick reminder of yourself as a parent. Can you actually remember how to fold a Fortune Teller? Or it might just save you on that birthday party weekend – anyone for Party Bag Cones to hold the little giveaway goodies or Tissue Paper Blooms for decorating the party space? And of course, there are those special occasions when it is just nice to make something instead of handing over cash – Father’s Day Cards, Birthday Cards or even a decoupage tray.

What We Love Maybe it is because she comes from a fashion design background and understands the need for a clear pattern, but this has to be one of the easiest to follow crafting books out there, and we love Catherine Woram for making it possible to become a crafty parent in five minutes or less.

A Taster Paper Bunting
This fun paper bunting is made using decorative papers featuring flowers, spots and checks for a fun and colourful look. You can make the bunting as long as you like – just carry on sticking the bunting triangles to the ribbon until you have finished. 

You will need plain paper for a template; scissors; pieces of decorative paper (gift wrap is ideal); pencil; pinking shears; PVA glue; ribbon (to fit the length of bunting required).
Step 1 Create template. Photocopy the template on page 118 and cut it out. Place the template on the back of a piece of decorative paper and draw around it in pencil. It is quicker to draw all the triangles at once, then cut them all out in one go.
Step 2 Cut out bunting. Cut out the triangles using pinking shears. Alternatively, use plain scissors or the decorative-edged scissors that feature designs such as scrolls and scallops and which can usually be found in craft shops.
Step 3 Make paper fold. Fold the wide base of each triangle over to the wrong (unpatterned) side, following the fold line shown on the template. Run your finger along the fold to flatten the paper.
Step 4 Glue to ribbon. Run a line of glue along the inside of the paper fold. Lay the ribbon on this then fold the paper over flat. Press down and hold in place until the two sides of paper stick to the ribbon. Leave a gap of about 4cm/1.5in of ribbon between each triangle. Continue to stick triangles to the ribbon until you have created the required length of bunting.

Author Notes Catherine Woram studied fashion at St Martins School of Art in London, followed by a Masters in fashion at the Royal College of Art. She has written on interiors for many publications, and her other books include Crafting With Kids, Gardening With Kids, Christmas Crafting With Kids and What Shall We Do Today? She lives in London with her husband and two daughters Jessica and Anna, both of whom share her passion for crafting.