Nothing beats the pride and satisfaction of making handmade items from start to finish. And this handy step-by-step guide book gives budding young crafters all the know-how they need.

‘Have sewing machine, will sew’ could be the mantra for this inspiring craft book, filled with creative and covetable goodies that are easy to make, but that look professional and stylish.

Firstly, your child will need a trusty sewing machine that does a few basic stitches. (All the projects could also be sewn by hand, but that requires greater sewing skills, takes longer and will not produce such a professional finish). From there, this clever manual will teach everything your child needs to know from how the sewing machines works, how to thread a machine, fill a bobbin, and start sewing.

Homemade, handmade and made with love: nothing beats the personal touch of making gifts and mementoes for friends and family. What’s more, each bespoke item will be an entirely unique one-off  – and become a treasured future heirloom

The book contains 20 projects including 5 ingenious makes from a humble tea towel that can be transformed into a tote bag, a wrap n’ roll storage holdall, an apron, a dust cover and a shoe bag.

There’s also some cute soft toys – a funky square peg doll, playful pops, bobtail rabbits and monsters – that would make lovely gifts or keepsakes. There’s some lovely ideas for decor too from making your own bunting or flutterbys (a bit like bunting but made from strips of colourful ribbons instead of triangular flags), cushion covers and baubles.

Every project is fully illustrated with clear photographs and step-by-step products to guide readers through each stage of the process from preparing templates and cutting fabrics to final finishing touches with trims and decoration.

Jane Bull’s creative ideas are inspiring but, best of all, seem simple and achievable. The choice of fabrics is also bright and breezy making every finished product look every bit as lovely as something you might buy in a shop – only they are that extra bit special and individual.

A wonderful craft project book to teach youngsters and show them the basics that will hopefully lead to many years of happy sewing.

Fun facts When people first began to wear clothing, about 60,000 years ago, they didn’t sew it. Instead, they just wrapped leather or furs around themselves and tied them together with leather cords.

Did you know? The first patent for a sewing machine was given to Thomas Saint of England in 1790, but it was Elias Howe, an American inventor, who gave us the first modern sewing machine, patented in 1846. Howe’s innovations included a needle threaded at its point, a shuttle to form a lock stitch and an automatic feed. In 1851, Howe also patented his “automatic, continuous clothing closure”, seen by many as the first zip, but he did not try to market it.

Designer details Award-winning author Jane Bull creates fresh, original, and energetic designs that inspire budding makers, young and old, to get crafty. Jane started creating at an early age, learning from her mother who was a needlework and cookery teacher and later making things with her own children. She has shared her crafting and making knowledge in over 20 books, all published by DK. Jane lives in London with her husband and three children.