Like many a small bear, Little Pip can’t wait till Christmas. How can Daddy Grizzle calm his son’s eager anticipation and help him understand the countdown to the big day?

Time can be a tricky concept for youngsters to grasp, especially when they are so looking forward to a special occasion that they want it to arrive as soon as possible. Such is the infectious excitement of Little Pip, who awakens his daddy every day with the same hopeful line: “Pssst! Wake up! I think it’s Christmas Day!”

Alas for Little Pip, there are still four days to go, but Daddy Grizzle does his best to fill the remaining days with festive preparations as they head into the forest to find the perfect tree to decorate, send season’s greeting cards, wrap presents…

As Daddy Grizzle tucks his little bear into bed each night, he reminds Little Pip of how many days are still to go – but when morning comes, Little Pip pipes up with his familiar refrain before his daddy explains it’s not Christmas just yet.

This charming book is perfect for every child who is (im)patiently counting down the days till Christmas.
It’s also sure to raise a wry smile from any parent who has sighed at their child’s endless opines of
“Is it Christmas yet?”

There’s a real sense of excitement when finally Christmas Eve arrives and there’s only one more sleep. And in a funny final twist, it’s not Little Pip who fails to contain his excitement this time and it’s Daddy Grizzle who’s the first to rise at the crack of dawn ready to celebrate Christmas Day.

This warm and witty tale is feel-good festiveness at its best, based on a scenario that is no doubt being played out in households across the world and told through a genuinely tender father-son bond that is very endearing.

Author notes As a former bookseller with Waterstones, Mark Sperring has a huge wealth of knowledge of children’s books. He has written several bestselling books, including The Sunflower Sword, Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step and Green (Meadowside), as well as the debut title starring Little Pip and Daddy Grizzle, entitled How many sleeps till my birthday? Mark lives in Bristol.

Sebastien Braun was born in France and studied fine and applied arts at Strasbourg University, teaching applied arts before becoming a freelance illustrator for editorial clients in Paris. He moved to London in 2000 and has since developed his illustrations for children, working exclusively on children’s picture books, of which he has illustrated more than 35.