Hot on the heels of two triumphs in the Games category at the BAFTA Children’s Awards (for Spyro’s Adventure in 2012, and Skylanders Giants in 2013) comes the latest carnation of these crazy Skylander critters: Swap Force.

Expect more slapstick antics as the action moves to Cloud Break Islands… The new figures come in two parts so you can mix-and-match their super powers and create new mash-ups: swap Blast Zone and Wash Buckler to make Blast Buckler and Wash Zone (fyi – this is not a launderette). There will be a lot of Skylander’s action going down in the Gwyneth Paltrow-Chris Martin household, as it’s on seven-year-old son Moses’ Christmas wishlist to Santa!

The Starter Pack contains a ‘portal of power’ and three characters.

Joe’s Christmas Moodboard inclusion 2013.

Full MyLittleStyleFile inclusion to come in 2014.