The sky’s the limit – no, hang on, the sky is not the limit because this storytelling game explores the endless possibilities of space and far-flung galaxies, where anything is possible…

Throw the dice and spark your child’s imagination with this fun game that literally has an infinite amount of play value: the dice will simply provide some clues and the rest is up to you.

Featuring 8 dice illustrated by Hannah Waldron, each depicting a variety of space-related characters and objects from boy and girl astronauts to mad scientists, monkey and aliens of both the benign and beastly variety. Throw in the odd black hole, an asteroid, a gas explosion, monsters, robots, dinosaurs and even a Statue of Liberty buried in sand (most curious!) and you have all the ingredients of a very exciting adventure indeed.

The game uses a simple premise to produce unexpected adventures.
It’s fun creating off-the-cuff stories, the more outlandish and out-of-this-world the better. This is an intergalactic
space adventure, after all

Space not your thing? There are other sets available, including Magic Fairy Tale Dice and Pirate Adventure Dice too, filled with equally imaginative characters and props. Why not mix-and-match different sets for the ultimate mash-up adventures where fairies might travel in space, a cyborg tips up at a magical castle or a pirate ship is filled with dinosaurs and aliens?

Players You can play this game on your own or with any number of players, either as individuals or as teams.

How to play Roll all eight story dice (keeping the read super powers die for later). Then let your creative juices start flowing as you weave together your very own intergalactic adventure tale involving the people, places and objects that are shown on the dice.

When the super power swirly symbol is rolled, the storyteller may throw the special ninth die. Depending on which image is shown, the hero or heroine is thereby given an incredible talent, such as the power to travel at the speed of light or gain X-ray vision. Note: There are three super powers faces, creating the tantalising possibility of having a triplicate of super powers all at once!

Alternative Ways To Play To make the game more challenging, try telling your story using each image in the order it is rolled. Or to make the game even more difficult (and even funnier), you can pass the story from one player to the next, trying to keep it going for as long as possible.

Fun fact Astronomer Frank Drake made the first scientific attempt to contact alien beings in 1960, when he used an 85-foot radio dish at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in West Virginia to listen for signals from two nearby sun-like stars. Unfortunately, no aliens answered his call.

Did you know? One million Earths can fit inside the Sun. Ancient astronomers once believed the Earth was at the centre of the Universe but now we know that the Sun is at the centre of our Solar System and our planets orbit the Sun. The Sun makes up 99.8% of the entire mass of the whole Solar System, and the Earth is teeny in comparison.

Good For… Imagination, storytelling, pretend play, verbal skills, vocabulary, self confidence, interaction, taking turns and listening

Keep in Mind… More inexperienced players may need a little help with putting their stories together at first. Playing in teams might help, but remember the beauty of the game is that anything goes so there are never any wrong answers.

What Kids Love This game really taps into a child’s imagination: the super power dice are also likely to go down well. Who doesn’t love the chance to be a superhero?

What Parents Love There are infinite stories to be told so this game has excellent play value. It’s also great for travelling or whiling away any time in waiting rooms. Plus it comes in a handy pocket-size box.

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