This beautiful lounging objet is the brainchild of the ever-insightful and forward-thinking textile manufacturer Dedon in collaboration with Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, two French designers with a penchant for the poetic.

Gloriously surreal, the Nestrest is the perfect space for a dreamy toddler’s afternoon nap – or a parent’s. Not only is it aesthetically near-perfection, it is also one of the most practical nests your family tree will ever have the pleasure of settling into.

It is the immediate attraction one has to this chair – see it in person and you just want to get closer, touch it, rock it, get in… and dream awhile – that makes it such an eternal icon.

The two designers behind this dreamy creation were inspired after a holiday to Costa Rica with their family where, Daniel reports, their children were amazed by the hanging nests of the montezuma oropendola bird, which builds nests up to 180cm long that hang from the branches of trees, and creates communal ‘colonies’ of these nests. Two years later, that moment of fascination and inspiration was reborn as the Nestrest.

There is something immediately comforting about this piece of furniture. As designer Fred Frety explains: “People already feel the idea… it is something very deeply inside our mind.”

“It is not a reasonable thing to buy,” adds Daniel. “You buy it because you love it!” Half room/half daybed, we think the Nestrest is the perfect toddler-to-teen sleep zone.

When Dedon’s lab came back with the full-size model of their teardrop design, the design duo were very impressed – and the benefits of the size and shape are many: “it is protecting, not claustrophobic,” Daniel says. And the height and woven construction means there is excellent ventilation from all angles. The collaboration with Dedon also gave the designers the opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques with the Filipino artists and craftsmen who work with the company… “and that is also a very human story and very fruitful collaboration” they explain.

While Dedon have over 30 collections to their name, this is perhaps our favourite design to date with the space-rocket Obelisk a close second.

Available in Chalk or Natural, the chair can either be a Hanging or Standing version and there are also Mini Nestrests for smaller spaces.

Material Notes Dedon fibre is a unique textile – it is a luxury industrial product that is weatherproof, durable, environmentally friendly, attractive to the eye and hand, as well as flexible enough to he woven into countless shapes and patterns. And the story behind it is a wonderful tale of family business. Bobby Dekeyser was a top-ranking football goalkeeper for a variety of Belgian and German teams from 1980 to 1991. Upon retiring at the ripe old age of 26, he came up with a business plan “to have fun working with friends and family”. He was soon working closely with his uncle, an engineer and expert at plastics extrusion, to develop what is today the Dedon fibre – a synthetic fibre that is designed to look and feel as natural as possible. Bobby Dekeyser is one of those people who are truly making the world a place of optimism and possibility for our children. Read more about why he is truly a man we admire here at MyLittleStyleFile here.