Hanging from your ceiling or set within its frame, the Leander cradle is an elegant and beautiful first bed for your baby. 

“I came up with the idea when my sister-in-law had twins,” explains designer Stig Leander. “It was difficult to take care of both children simultaneously. I discovered that by suspending a cradle from one point, it was easy to rock the one child with just a nudge with the elbow and hold the other child at the same time. The free way in which the cradle moves… also contributes to strengthening the body’s muscles in relation to balance. If this sense is poorly developed, the child has difficulty sitting on a chair and it can be difficult to concentrate on learning.”

Designed to imitate the calm, gliding movements of a baby’s pre-birth world, the Leander cradle is suspended
from one point, making it easy to move the cradle with one arm; your baby
can even set it moving themselves, helping them gain an awareness
of their body as well as their sense of balance, which encourages their motor function in the early days

You can also change the distance of the cradle from the floor, taking it higher when you are standing or lower if you want to be able to rock the cradle while lying down.

Made from FSC-certified sustainable beechwood – a strong, stable material, unparalleled for use in moulded furniture – the wood is lacquered (using a water-based lacquer) up to four times to give it a matt surface that’s beautiful to the touch, durable and easy to clean. The cradle and the mattress cover are made of cotton, washable at 60 degrees.

“The Leander cradle is especially good because its single point hanging system enables movement in all directions, thereby stimulating the senses optimally,” explains paediatric physical therapist, Inger Mentz.

Designer Details Founded by Stig Leander in 1998, Leander is now a multi-award winning company that creates simple, harmonic forms of furniture for children from natural materials. They are committed to durability and quality craftsmanship combined with timeless designs that are intended to be passed from child to child.