Create a freaky display to celebrate Halloween with these dinky stars of the show: a vampire bat, a ghoulish ghost and Frankenstein himself, all fiendishly created in this Halloween Toilet Roll Cra – ha ha ha – ft

(That was supposed to be an evil laugh, by the way).

How to make Ghastly Gilbert Ghost
1. Cut your cardboard tube to size – no taller than 12 cms.
2. Cut stripes of white crepe paper roughly 4 cms wide.
3. Attach double-sided tape to the end of the length of crepe paper and secure to the bottom of the cardboard tube, continue to wind it around the tube until you reach the top, securing the end with a little double sided tape. Fold over any excess crepe paper on the inside of the tube.
4. Use a black pen to draw on the eyes and mouth. If you are using a felt tip pen, be extra careful as it will bleed slightly when you use it.

** TOP TIP ** You could use stick-on googly eyes if you prefer.

These creepy critters make the perfect centrepiece for your Halloween celebration and are a fun way to get
in the spooky spirit

How to make Vincent Vampire Bat
1. Cut your cardboard tube to size (no taller than 12 to 15 cms).
2. Paint the tube using black paint, and leave to dry.
3. Whilst the bat’s body is drying, cut two wing shapes from black card.
4. Use a white pen to draw the bat’s vampire fangs, and use tacky glue to secure a pair of googly eyes. Leave to dry.
5. Secure the wings to the back of the bat using double-sided tape.

** TOP TIP ** Create a whole family of vampire bats by varying the size of the cardboard tubes that you use.

How to make Freaky Frankenstein
1. Cut your cardboard tube to size (between 10 and 12 cms long works best).
2. Paint the tube using green paint, and leave to dry.
3. Whilst the Frankenstein’s body is drying, cut two ‘bolt’ shapes from black card. Make sure these have quite long ‘tail’ sections as these will need to be inserted into the inside of the tube to secure them in place.
4. Once dry, use a pencil to draw out a spiky hair design on the tube and fill in with black paint. Leave to dry.
5. Use a black pen to draw Frankenstein’s mouth, eye brows and trademark scar.
6. Attach a pair of googly eyes using tacky glue.
7. Use a craft knife (under adult supervision) to cut slits in the side of the tube so that you can insert the card ‘bolts’. Secure on the inside of the tube with a little tacky glue or tape.

** TOP TIP ** Use white crepe paper to make a veil and cut out some ruby red lips to create a bride for Frankenstein!

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