Ingrid Fagervik of Blafre, Oslo, Norway recommends

Destination: Vigeland Park

This sprawling park not only has an outdoor art gallery of phenomenal sculptures – it is the world’s largest sculpture park – it also offers plenty of green expanses for your picnic rug or for an energetic child to run freely across. There are lakes, as well as a museum, and you can book onto a guided walk – if your child allows…

There are a number of cafes and restaurants that open in the summer, so if you haven’t packed all the essentials, you can always opt for the pricier option of a sit down feast

The sculpture park sits at the heart of Frogner Park, which also hosts Norway’s largest children’s playground, an open-air bath (swimming pool), as well as the Oslo City Museum. So if sculptures don’t appeal, you can always head here to one of these destinations as a compromise.

Why go: There is something here for everyone in the family.

Who is it best for: All ages – it is an adventure for older kids to discover these sculptures, while smaller children can’t help but love being in the country’s largest playground!

Top tip: The cafes and restaurants are quite pricy, but a wonderful space to sit and observe on a cooler day.

Facilities: Everything you would expect from a museum.

While you’re in The Area: This really is a destination in its own right, but another brilliant example of modern Scandinavian style is also just around the corner – the Villa Stenersen, a national heritage building.