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UglyDoll Gallery

Classic OX
Classic Ice Bat
Classic Wage
Dave Darinko
Tub Nubury
Classic Wedghead
Classic Babo
Wizard of Oz Babo Lion
Wizard of Oz Wage TinMan
Wizard of Oz OX Witch
Wizard of Oz Moxy Dorothy
Wizard of Oz Ice Bat Scarecrow
Ice Bat Santa
Babo Snowman
Buddies – Babo & Bird
Buddies – Ninja Batty Shogun & Dave Darinko
Buddies - Wage & Babo
Buddies - Bop & Peep Jeero
Double Trouble - Ice Bat
Double Trouble - OX
Ninja Batty Shogun
Universal Monsters Dracula Ice Bat
Universal Monsters Franken Wedghead
Universal Monsters Mummy Babo
Kiss OX
Hello Kitty OX
Hello Kitty Wage
Hello Kitty Trunko

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