With its big bouncy body and its soft overstitched woollen outline, Hop is the fabulous bunny rabbit Friend from Viennese designer Sabine Fajana and her sophisticated children’s lifestyle brand Vividgrey. 

It doesn’t require any leap, hop or bounce of the imagination to see this bunny becoming the most-cuddled, most-loved and most-precious in a child’s soft toy collection. And we simply love the way it embodies Vividgrey’s manifesto of creating objects for childhood that deliver refined everyday magic.

This is a hand-me-down that is at once raw and refined, crafted yet untamed, a modern heirloom that will not only age gracefully, but probably inspire a few not-so-graceful battles over who will inherit it!

The origins of little Hop lie in the prisons of the Second World War, when an imprisoned father made a rabbit for his child… the rest of the tale is something of a mystery (although we do reveal more in our Creator Q&A with Sabine!).

Every Hop toy is made to order in the Vividgrey workshop in Vienna with the fabric painted here before being manually finished off with the screen-printed Vividgrey logo and care instructions. Made from Fairtrade organic cotton, Hop is also stuffed with organic cotton wadding, which is removable for the purposes of washing and drying.

Designer Details Launched in 2013, Vividgrey is the brainchild of interior architect and product designer Sabine Fajana and evolved out of her work for luxury brands and her new adventures in motherhood. Combining simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden treasures (there is almost always a hidden element – such as a frog inside the lantern shades) to be discovered by children, all of Vividgrey’s products are designed to become modern heirlooms. Based in Vienna, Vividgrey uses FairTrade fabrics from certified suppliers or from local weavers, and cottons used both for fabrics and wadding are all organic certified. Any timbers used are either reclaimed or of sustainable European source.