Unless you have an exceptionally placid child, even the most perfect pair of denim jeans is destined for one thing – the need for a patch. And we’ve seen none cuter than the retro cool designs of Jennie Maizels’ range of iron-on patches. 

Embroidered, retro and cute as punch, these patches come as sets that feature a range of children’s passions: from Little Girls (with babushkas, fairies, kittens and cupcakes) or Little Boys (with rockets and dinosaurs, robots and pirates) to Beano, Pirates, Disco, Birds, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Circus, Army, London and Love. There are also individual patches that are handy when you’ve discovered one that particularly takes your child’s fancy.

If you’re anything like me and your ‘repair’ skills are more than a little “patchy”, then the great news is that these plasters are as easy to attach as the name suggests – you simply iron them on. They’re also pretty resilient to both washing as well as further wear-and-tear. We’re huge fans. After all, a patch in time saves a whole lot of upset when your child just wants to wear their favourites time and time again – regardless of their state of disrepair.

However we suspect that once your child becomes familiar with these cool “plasters”, they’ll soon want them not only covering up the rips and tears,
but also jazzing up plain clothes, hats, stockings, bags and even shoes.
And, we say, why not?

Designer Details Pop-up book illustrator Jennie Maizels studied illustration at Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, and graduated in 1993. She is best known for her groundbreaking non-fiction books for children, such as The Great Grammar Book and Perfect Punctuation Book. She has now designed a range of products, including the embroidered Iron-on Patches, which are stocked everywhere from Liberty to The National Gallery. Jennie has also designed fabrics, stationery and has just launched a range of mugs.  Jennie lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband and two children.