Invite a little magic into your child’s world with a teensy decorative door, designed to entice elves, fairies and other magical creatures and unlock a world of imaginative play.

Knock, knoock! Who’s there? Mmm, well, we’re not quite sure but perhaps those teensy sparkling footprints can be used as evidence. Clearly, we are looking for a diminutive and dainty figure with more than a hint of magic about them.

Tapping into the fairy-tale device of secret doorways and magical wardrobes leading into fantasy worlds, this dinky little door inspires creativity and imagination. Note: The door does not open – unless you’re an elf or fairy, obviously! It is a decorative piece, designed to initiate storytelling and imagination.

The stylish door, perfectly downsized to mini proportions, is the gateway
to your child’s imagination.
Fashioned after the decorous Georgian era with its colonial style and fancy portico details, it definitely looks like the sort of door that would attract Tinker Bell and her fairy friends

Available in two identical formats billed as either an Elf or Fairy Door, it can be placed in a quiet and secret spot in your home, so these magical little people can come and go as they please, sprinkling love and magic once everyone is fast asleep.

Each door comes with a small bottle of Magic Dust, welcome note for the fairies and putty to attach to your wall (depending on the size of skirting boards, there may be a slight gap between the door and the wall).

You can also buy a selection of accessories to personalise your diddy door, including a festive Christmas set, milk bottles, a postbox and – should the Tooth Fairy be making a visit – a little pouch for lost teeth.

Of course, it does require a certain amount of commitment from parents who will need to create ‘footprints’ and write notelets (in disguised writing, of course!), but you may find having a visiting elf or fairy is a useful device to encourage good behaviour, or to boost confidence and self-esteem. After all, if a fairy or elf has noticed how well your child is doing at nursery or how kind and thoughtful he has been of late, that has to mean something.

Plus, if parents need a little help, you can buy a handy stencil to produce a trail of tiny footprints. Just don’t forget to keep keep your stencil hidden in a safe place.

Fun fact Tinker Bell from Peter Pan is one of the best know fairies, whom creator JM Barrie described as a “Common Fairy” The name Tinker referred to her talent of mending pots and pans, like a real Tinker. Tinker Bell did not speak, but communicated in the sounds of a tinkling bell, only understood by other fairies.

Did you know? Tinker Bell could fly, but not in the rain. One of her favourite tricks was the sprinkling “Fairy Dust” (or as Walt Disney called it “Pixie Dust”) on people so they could also fly.

Company profile Former Events Manager Sarah Tollit founded The Magic Door Store when she became a parent and realised that living with two small children meant she was spending much more time creating magical worlds of make-believe than she was creating corporate events in London, and was having way more fun doing it! As a child, Sarah always loved to hunt for fairies at the bottom of the garden. It was this love of all things magical that Sarah was keen to pass onto her own children when she created magical doors.