There is one baby carrier that (forgive the pun) sits head and shoulders above the rest. Also regularly voted the most parent- and baby-friendly model by parents, it has won numerous industry awards for its design.

Launched in 1990, The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original Classic is still an international bestseller, and has never been bettered! Its success is down to two things: great, adaptable design plus simple, classic styling.

When your precious new baby is restless, a bit colicky or just too tired to self-soothe, or perhaps you and your partner fancy a hands-free stroll to a café, the best answer is a baby carrier, and in particular the BabyBjörn Original Classic: a comforting, structured fabric papoose that straps onto your chest, holds your baby close to you with the option of an inward- or outward-facing position, so your baby can enjoy skin-to-skin comfort, or sit facing the world (from four months, or whenever your baby can hold their head steady), all secure in their parents’ close embrace.

For parents the benefits are imminently tangible: wide, padded and adjustable straps with a crossover back design and lumbar support, a simple height adjustment system, quick release fastenings so you can easily remove your baby undisturbed if they are asleep, or load them in single-handed for a quick trip out (see the video, above). All adjustments and releases are positioned at the front and side of the carrier for easy access.

Sitting in the adjustable and integral ‘seat’, your baby is supported generously under the crotch, while their head and shoulders are protected by a padded, semi-rigid panel. As your baby grows, this panel can be folded down to offer a more open view – either sitting facing you, or facing out to the world.

The contemporary, ergonomic design has one more unique feature to endear itself to parents and baby. BabyBjörn believes passionately that any materials that come in contact with babies’ sensitive skin should be absolutely safe, soft, smooth and free from harmful substances. So all the cotton textiles used in their carrier range are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified – one of the toughest textile safety standards in the world. There is also a completely organic cotton option available; so even babies prone to reactions such as eczema or asthma will find a comfortable home in one of these washable, hypoallergenic carriers.

Such is the success of the Original Classic baby carrier that BabyBjörn has introduced a succession of models designed to reflect the specific lifestyle requirements of today’s active and well-travelled family unit: The Baby Carrier Active – designed with extra lumbar support for longer walks; The Baby Carrier Miracle – a polycotton mix fabric with soft seams; and The Baby Carrier One – a design with a 4-in-1 extended position range that allows you to adapt the Carrier to transport older children on your back.

To identify which model is the best for you, your baby and your lifestyle, BabyBjörn have produced a straightforward (and well thought out) Baby Carrier Guide with a handful of quick to answer user questions.

Top three reasons to buy… This carrier is super easy to put on and adjust – even while the baby is in it; unlike many other structured carriers, this one sits your baby at just the right level on your body for ease of movement – from walking up stairs to bending over to pick up the paper; you and your baby will both feel secure and comfortable in this design and it is not only sturdy but machine washable!

Outstanding Features This design delivers optimal comfort (for both you and your baby), closeness, ease-of-use, practicality and excellent materials. And with the different models, there is a BabyBjörn carrier that is perfectly designed for every family’s lifestyle.

Best For Families who want to get out and about without a pushchair.

Designer Details Established in the 1960s by Björn Jakobson, BabyBjorn is now an iconic brand in the parenting market. The first product they released onto the market was the BabySitter bouncer, then in the 70’s Björn was inspired by new medical research that showed early bonding and close contact with parents was important for babies, and – with three children of his own – he designed a baby carrier that allowed parents to have physical contact with their baby while keeping their hands free. Today, these designs are not only classics, but are still leaders in their product category. All of BabyBjörn’s products are well-known for being durable, rigorously tested for safety requirements, as well as simple and efficient designs. 

Video… You might also like to watch the MyLittleStyleFile video of BabyBjörn founder Björn Jakobson talking about his philosophy for creating products for babies.