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Tegu is a fully independent toy factory just outside Tegucigalpa in Honduras that makes “simple magnetic toy blocks” to inspire play for kids around the globe. 

When Chris and Will Haughey started Tegu, they asked this question: “Could we create a for-profit company based in Honduras that would foster a positive social impact through its business?” The answer was Tegu.

Anyone who’s played with Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks will tell you how they are different to any other play blocks. It’s not just that they are magnetic, it’s the ability they offer for kids to build beyond the traditional constraints of gravity; you can build out, not just up! Working with the polarity of the magnets on the fly is also a fun challenge, generating critical thinking!

Tegu might say that these are simple magnetic wooden blocks and toys, but there’s a whole lot of revolutionary thinking that’s gone into the process of making these toys

And, with each new collections that Tegu brings out, there are further fabulously inventive and fun play possibilities – from their classics and custom mades to robots and stunt vehicles.

Beyond the toys, this company’s partnerships are also pretty revolutionary. Partnering with a school called AFE (Amor, Fe y Esperanza) started by Jeony Ordoñez (director) and his wife, Jessy (principal), Tegu work together to provide an education for children whose families work at the Tegucigalpa city trash dump. Prior to attending AFE, these children would work alongside their parents at the dump. Now, through the toys purchased, Tegu helps fund days of school for these children. You can see a counter on that indicates how many days of school Tegu customers have funded to date.

The main wood that Tegu use is Huesito (Spanish for “little bone”) – a hardwood found in abundance in the Honduran forests. This species is not endangered, but Tegu is still mindful about its harvesting and replanting.

You can see lots of fabulous ideas for playing with Tegu blocks on the company website Gallery.