When you’re having a baby, everyone is ready with a long list of “must-have” products. Yet the fact is, we’ve managed to have babies for millennia without all the paraphernalia available today. Nonetheless, that was also before women had a career outside the home and before dads were potentially the main caretaker, playmaker and baby calming guru.

So, when it comes to “must-haves” it’s more a matter of things you “must-have” if you want to keep a modicum of order to your household and enjoy life beyond the four walls of your home during that first year with your baby.

The great news is that there has never been a more stylish time to have – or indeed to be – a baby

Our fortunate generation is spoilt for choice with an abundance of super-smart products that combine two vital ingredients: style and substance. Throw in superb functionality, state-of-the-art technology, ground-breaking design and chic aesthetics and you get the kind of new baby starter kit your grandmother would have dreamed of having.

But with all the exceptional “must-haves” out there, there is still the question: what do you really need, when might you need it, and what are the best options available? To give you some insider insights, the experts who have put this “must-have” list together have been privy to all the latest and greatest baby product developments over the past two decades, having edited some of the world’s most prestigious baby magazines.

We’ll be adding a new category of product each day – from nappies to pushchairs, monitors to moses baskets – informing you about what it is, why it should be on your “must-have” list, the features and options available, and some of the brands we would recommend. The rest is up to you…

Some products you will definitely need to have ready to go from the day your baby is born, such as a car seat, a pushchair, somewhere for your baby to sleep, plus day one essentials like nappies and clothes. Others, such as a highchair, feeding equipment and toys, can wait until after your baby has arrived – although, be warned, you won’t have a lot of spare time on your hands for shopping around. We suggest you save all your favourites to your personal Pinboard for a Baby Checklist Moodboard that you can share with family and friends ready for a Baby Shower or to fling your husband’s way when you rush to hospital a week early… We will also be uploading a pdf of our New Baby Checklist available to print out at the end of the first week, in case you prefer making your list on paper, traditional style.

So where to begin? First up nappies, then swaddlescradles, a baby bathnightlightchange bagmemory bookhooded towels and baby car seat.