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Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7730 1234 | Website


Daily but times vary. See Harrods bookings for details


3-12 years


Princess experiences from £100
Knight experiences from £50


Tube Knightsbridge
Bus to Knightsbridge/Harrods

Here comes the bride

Cinderella Experience at Harrods

by Catherine O'Dolan

While few may be so fortunate as to actually marry a prince, every little girl can certainly play at being a princess for the day with the brand new Cinderella experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at London’s luxury department store Harrods. Fairytale happy endings are guaranteed!

Christmas may have been all about Elsa from Frozen, but with spring in the air, it’s Cinderella’s time to shine! And of course she couldn’t find a happier place to shine than her spiritual home the Biddidi Bobbidi Boutique. Named after the magical song chirruped by the Fairy Godmother in the classic 1950 Disney animation Cinderella, the Biddidi Boppidi Boutique is the perfect place for any budding princess to be preened and pampered.

Already an established feature at Disneyland Resorts, the Biddibi Bobbidi Boutique is billed as the ultimate immersive storytelling experience and for many little girls
it’s a dream come true.

Note: There is an experience for budding knights too, but – whilst we hate to succumb to stereotypes here – it does seem to be an experience more readily relished by the gals.

There are five classic tiered experiences to choose from, starting at £100 for princesses and £50 for knights (who are presumably more low-maintenance), each including a magical transformation. Decked out with more than a modicum of pink, the boutique has ‘thrones’ where children are seated as their magical transformation takes place. Again, this experience is more focussed towards the princesses, who can have their hair plaited like Rapunzel or tied chicly in a Cinderella chignon, while their nails are painted with sparkles and polish. Boys can have their faces painted, too, with a fiery and fearsome red dragon to keep macho egos intact.

The delightful fairy godmothers-in-training hosts are suitably cheery, working busily to transform their young charges and create a bespoke look as prescribed by their princess-in-waiting. They are particularly adapt at creating fancy hairdos, be it a chignon, top-knot, ballerina bun or French plaits, as well as prettily painted nails. Liberal sprinkings of sparkle and fairy dust never go amiss!

Your child will have her back to the mirror during her fairytale transformation – and there’s strictly no peeking! This allows for the Big Reveal, as the throne is whizzed round so she can admire her brand new look in the mirror. And it is invariably greeted with the biggest smile ever.

Inspired by the famous “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” scene in the Disney animated classic Cinderella where “you can do magic, believe it or not”, all proceedings are accompanied by a Disney soundtrack, as the fairy godmothers in training intermittently bursting into song in a sort of ‘whistle while you work’ ethic.

New for Spring 2015

There are the fabulous Cinderella packages designed to create the ultimate rages-to-riches transformation. The Cinderella Wedding Experience (£300) includes a Deluxe Wedding Dress modelled on the one worn by Lily James in the new live-action film, an ornate tiara and the iconic Cinderella slipper.

The Cinderella Ball Experience (£500) includes a special Limited Edition Ball Gown, a sparkly tiara, the iconic Cinderella slipper, and a Cinderella jewellery set.

For both, you’ll have to provide your own handsome prince!

Did you know? Walt Disney had a soft spot for Cinderella. The magical moment when the Fairy Godmother waves her wand to transform Cinderella’s torn dress amid a glittering shower of fairy dust into a beautiful gown fit for a princess, while singing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, was said to be his favorite piece of animation ever.

Fun Fact There are currently 11 Official Disney Princesses. Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel and Merida were born into royalty, while Cinderella, Belle and Tiana married princes. The one exception is Mulan, who is currently the only Official Disney Princess who does not hold the actual title of “Princess” – instead, her honorary title is Imperial Consul. And what of Elsa and Anna from Frozen? Well, Elsa is already Queen, while Anna is an Official Princess in Waiting.

Why go For a dose of that famous Disney magic!

Who is it best for Princesses (and knights) in training.

Our Favourite Bit The delight on a child’s face when her transformation is complete. The princess outfits go down pretty well, too.

Top Tip This is a photo opp if ever there was one, so take lots of photographs! Your child will never forget it, but will still enjoy looking back at the pictures.

Don’t Go If you don’t believe in magic.

While You’re Here There’s plenty to see at Harrods, including the amazing Food Hall and the Toy Kingdom. Don’t forget to check out the Cinderella window displays too. A little further down Brompton Road, you’ll find The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and the V&A – all worth a visit.

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