Style Correspondent Sabine Fajana of VIVIDGREY

Destination Donaupark (also known as Danube Park)

Located in Vienna’s 22nd District, the Donaupark is a large, open green space close to the Danube. Created in the ’60s as a site for an international garden show, this park still features pavilions from that time.

There is children’s playgrounds for all ages, wide lawns perfect for playing football and a ‘Lilliput train’ that takes you through the entire park. It’s the perfect place to hang out as a family!

Part of the New Danube Recreation Area, this park includes the revolving Danube Tower, as well as sporting activity zones including free tennis courts, mini-golf course, chess and bungee jumping. A lake at the centre of the park has a bridge where you can see ducks, swans and other birdlife. There are also plenty of seats and picnic tables in both sun and shade.

Why go This park is much beloved by locals, so it offers a very authentic Viennese family day out in this park.

Who is it best for The little railway around the park makes this great with all ages – just jump aboard till you find the place that’s best for you and your family

Top tip This is a great park in summer, but not so well suite to a winter visit; it is quite large and focused on outdoor play activities that will not be quite so appealing in colder months

Facilities There are toilets are in many locations throughout the park as well as several cafés.

While you’re in the area Stop in for a bite at the Donauturm or Danube Tower, where there is a revolving cafe and a restaurant. The cafe is smoke free (which is still hard to find in Vienna) and is open from 10.00–24.00, so the perfect place to take a break when the great outdoors gets too chilly or when you want to experience the Viennese panorama from 160 metres above ground. The Saturday and Sunday brunch offers free meals for children under 6, and there is a 50 per cent discount for children ages 6 to 1; price for adults is €30.00 See details and make your booking here or call +43 (1) 263 35 72.