Editorial Director Suzanne Milne recommends

Jacques Torres Chocolate | Brooklyn

Known also as Mr Chocolate, Jacques Torres is the chocolatier behind this famous New York brand. Combining his traditional French techniques with a vast knowledge and passion for the culinary arts Jacques produces luxe, creative and edgy chocolate treats.

Using only natural ingredients, without any preservatives or flavourings, the specialist flavours range from chillies to coffee, and you can also enjoy cookies, chocolate covered popcorn, marshmallows, cornflakes – even cheerios!

There are actually five Jacques Torres stores across New York, but this is the original. Here, you can sip hot chocolate – made from chocolate not plain old cocoa – and enjoy a freshly baked pain au chocolate, or of course, take a selection back to your hotel. If you find yourself all chocolated out, they also stock caramel squares, hot fudge sauce and lollipops, not to mention divinely delicious ice-cream.

Visit at your waistline’s peril!!