Capturing your baby’s milestone moments in one quick grab of a card, a pen and a camera is the goal with these gorgeously illustrated baby cards from designer mummy Gemma Broekhuis. 

If you’ve ever filled in a glorious Baby’s First Year book, you will know that there are a few issues with them. First up, there’s the issue of all those questions that just might not be relevant for your baby (or you), or milestones that just don’t come in the ‘regular’ order… Then there is the issue of including photographs. After all, there is the three-step process of taking, developing and then captioning all those photographs of memorable ‘firsts’ to file away for posterity – something that can prove too time consuming for even the most diligent new mother. And that’s where these Milestone Cards come in as an incredibly efficient and effective way of recording all those moments whenever and wherever they might happen!

Delightful though a large and detailed book is, sometimes you just want to say – ‘hey, did you see that; she just gave us her first smile’, take a picture and store it away for when you’re ready to put that ‘big book’ together. Now, it really is that simple.

There are 30 cards that take your baby from that first week to first steps, and all beautifully illustrated by the talented Beci Orpin. When your baby hits one of the milestones, simply grab the appropriate card from the pack, write the date in the corner, prop the card up by your baby, and snap away! Of course, you may still be tempted to get them looking picture perfect prior to their photo shoot, but that is the icing on the cake really – at least you now have a record of the date they made the milestone and exactly what your little bundle looked like when he did it.

The brainchild of Gemma Broekhuis, Gemma came up with the template for the cards when her first son Mikkel was born. The history of the cards is delightfully recounted on her website, and – long and short of it – by the time her second son was born, the template had been transformed into a tangible product that Mummies all of the world were now reaping the benefits of.

We love the idea that, rather than handing around the Baby Book for each person to coo over at the Christmas Day table, now you can hand around your pack of cards, one card at a time, so that everyone has something to chat about as they hand it on.