Subtitled ‘an early years journal’, this memory keepsake book is exactly what every parent needs to record those very specific tales and childhood anecdotes that – let’s put it simply – you will forget if you don’t write it down! 

After keeping a daily diary of my son’s first year, I was determined that I would continue to write all my anecdotes at least once a month. Sadly, the fact is, it just didn’t happen. Now I am of course struggling to remember what he did in his second versus his third year… and regretting my of-the-every-moment lack of time inherent to being a parent! Now this book has me back on course

Appropriately, the first year is given about twice the space of each year thereafter.

There is a place to record everything: details of the arrival, each parent’s version of the birth, a space for the hospital tag, a list of the first visitors, leading news stories from
the day of the birth, and even popular movies at the time

As the year goes on, there are places for describing the hungry, sleepy, wakeful, happy and tearful times, as well as all those milestone firsts: smiling, recognising parents voices, reaching for a toy. Before moving onto your baby’s communication, movement and eating, holidays, bath time, first Christmas, and of course, that much-awaited first birthday.

The following years follow a similar, albeit simpler, pattern with additional space for noting the books, television, songs, toys and games that your child loves to play, as well as who their friends are, cute things said and done, as well as birthday parties, memories, as well as a place to record what your child is ‘crazy about’.

Beautifully spiral bound with a sturdy – yet elegant – hard cover, this is an excellent book to see you through those first five years with those precious memories intact. After that, well, it’s over to you…