Perfectly quirky characters and deliciously simple words with fun phonetic sounds define the unfolding relationship between a ferocious bear and a self-pitying boar as they squabble over a juicy pear, passing it from paw to paw.

This exploration of the relationship between characters and words unfolds page after page as rhymes, off-rhymes and playful twists of one word to another reveal themselves in the evolving tale. The bear, after seeing the boar in some distress, decides to help the boar find a new pear, with the story resolving in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

David Sim’s bold illustrations, mainly in primary colours, are an excellent complement to the beautiful simplicity of the language and narrative.

This is not only a great book for a quick romp with words, but also for teaching children about the semantic play of words and images.

Author Notes Michelle Robinson left her job writing radio adverts – over 6000 of them to be sure – to become a children’s author.

Illustrator Profile David Sim has been working as an illustrator and children’s author for ten years, with a plethora of titles under his belt. He runs a gallery and studio with his wife and daughter in Scotland, specialising in linocut and silkscreen prints.