I’ve just kicked off a week of exploring Ohio’s parks and destinations for MyLittleStyleFile!

Today was the fabulous Salt Fork Park – a brilliant spot for walks (there are 14 hiking trails, all easy to moderate, and ranging between about half a mile to 2 miles) as well as boating, archery, fishing, golf and perfect spots for picnicking. Packing the highlights into one day is quite a challenge, but amongst the activities we sampled were pontooning and geocaching, where we spied plenty of deer and eagles, but alack, no Ohio Grassman (otherwise known as ye olde Big Foot).

We stayed at the Salt Fork Lodge, which is great location within the park for exploring all its natural beauty and enjoying the wide range of recreational activities you can do there. I didn’t get to play, but the golf course looks fantastic, beautiful and challenging and I longed for more time at the lodge to tee off on the championship course with 4 stars on Golf Digests Places to Play. As dusk fell at Salt Fork Lodge, I settled in by the bonfire where I finally learnt exactly what s’mores are and thanks to one of the naturalists at the park, the correct way of calling out for out for Big Foot – it goes something like “Aaghhoooo!” in the style of Warren Zeffon’s song “Werewolves of London.” Unfortunately he didn’t return the call, but apparently it happens often enough to keep the Big Foot enthusiasts coming back with ever more recording and research equipment. In any case, it  makes a fantastic campfire story.