This modernist inspired Villa Sibis dollhouse would appear to be where Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater meets Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House meets Tinkerbell, making it just as much a talking point for adults as it is a toy for children to play with.

With its strong architectural background, it’s no surprise that German design company Sirch are the masterminds behind this dollhouse, which merges modernist design principles with equally forward-thinking production and construction methods.

Conjured up by interior designer Wolfgang Sirch and sculptor Christoph Bitzer, the handmade Villa Sibis is testament to Sirch’s design ethic of producing toys that look good enough to be left out on display around the family home, rather than tidied away when the play stops.

The sleek birch wood and acrylic glass design ensures Villa Sibis won’t clash with your own interior design schemes, while the minimalist approach demands a sprinkling of imagination that can quickly transform this from family home to super hero headquarters

There is also an equally modern set of furniture that is included to ensure that your modernist dream house doesn’t end up having to opt for an Ikea makeover… (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

Designer Details Based in the Alpine foothills of southern Germany, Sirch has developed in the last 30 years from the craft traditions of coachbuilding to become a modern industrial enterprise that makes a wide range of wooden toys, furniture, sports goods and even industrial palettes. Their space-age looking facility was designed in 1999 by architects Baumschlager & Eberle from the Vorarlberg region and combines a traditional design concept with radical construction methods.