Sure, Franck & Fischer’s Asta Owl soft toy is super cute, but in baby land the best things about him is that he has squishy feet to pull on, long wings (that may well get slurped upon), and the most compelling set of peepers any baby could hope to get their own eyes hooked on.

As usual, Franck & Fischer have come up with the most gorgeous combination of fabrics and mix of colours for this little owl, which comes in shades – either of which will be happy hanging out with boys and girls.

In fact we love them as a pair. After all, one little owl can get ever so lonely…and is bound to get lost just when your baby is utterly devoted to her little Asta

Designer Details Designer Annemarie Franck and business economist Charlotte Fischer established Franck & Fischer in 2005 and their collection of animal inspired characters have grown from just a handful of iconic designs to almost 100 different characters that come in everything form wooden toys to accessories for your interiors, as well as soft toys, books, games and puzzles. Delightfully Danish in their design aesthetic, these products are also extremely eco-aware, and in 2012, Franck & Fischer became the first toy company to be GOTS certified*.

*GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard and is internationally recognised as a worldwide textile standard that independently verifies the entire textile supply chain for a product from the sourcing of materials to workers’ wages being approved as ethical and their conditions as eco-friendly. As many products as possible are made of at least 95 per cent organic materials and all dyes and inks are biodegradable. Responsibility towards the environment is highly important to Franck & Fischer creator Annemarie Franck, who also ensures all distribution and packaging is as environmentally-friendly as possible.