We’ve seen quite a few pull-along toys in our time, but none quite as marvellously modernist as the Enzo pull-along dog from Studio delle Alpi

Two Italian supremos are cited as the inspiration for this artful little dog: Enzo Ferrari, the master of speed, motor racing driver, entrepreneur and founder of the Ferrari automobile marque, and Enzo Mari, the noted Italian modernist artist and furniture designer.

The modernist heritage may be self evident but the speed is going to rely a little more on your toddler’s skill. Nonetheless, with such an impeccable pedigree, this pooch is bound to be a winner!

Each pull-along pooch is laser cut from screen-printed plywood then polished and assembled by hand making every piece unique. And for 2014, there are horses and rabbits too…

Good For…Hand/eye coordination, manipulation, visual focus, tracking objects, teaching cause and effect

What Kids Love Those classic roll-along results!

What Parents Love That this toy will happily live on your bookshelf long after your children have abandoned it for play purposes – simply partner with that biography on Enzo Ferrari you bought Daddy for Father’s Day!

Designer Details Studio delle Alpi was set up in 2012 by Anne Kieffer (product designer) and graphic designer Arnaud Mouriamé. Together they design and manufacture wooden furniture and toys, utilising low-budget materials such as plywood with high-end techniques, such as manual silkscreen printing, to intensify its character. All the pieces are manufactured in small quantity in collaboration with local craftsmen to ensure the highest quality product.