A true classic, this clown created by BRIO has been delighting children since 1955.

And no wonder… there are nine pieces to this toy – which can be pulled asunder and flung about before being stacked back away safe and sound, albeit in all manner of comically re-ordered patterns, offering children both the opportunity to learn about order … or ordered anarchy

With his stacking body, this colourful character is sure to raise a smile as he teaches toddlers manual dexterity, ordering, colours and coordination

And the great news is that from 2014, all of BRIO’s wooden toys have been made from FSC-certified wood, so now this is a classic that we can all buy with a clear conscience.

Good For… Hand/eye coordination and manipulation, fine motor dexterity,colour recognition, problem solving, counting, and imaginary play

What Kids Love The fact that at the end of all that stacking, there is a perfectly entertaining clown to play with

What Parents Love A toy and storage unit all in one

Awards Winner of many awards since its launch in 1955…

Designer Details Established in 1884 in Osby, a small town located in southern Sweden, BRIO is now a global company with a beautiful range of award-winning toys. BRIO’s head office has been located in Malmö since 2006 and the name BRIO is an acronym of the ‘three brothers Ivarsson of Osby’. Wood is the essential ingredient in BRIO’s toys, and since 2014 all the wood used is FSC-labeled. This ensures that it comes from renewable forests and that no unique biospheres are destroyed in the process of creating these toys. Beech is the most common wood to be used in BRIO’s toys.