There’s something magical about waking up on a crisp winter’s morn to discover a perfect carpet of thick white snow. And it’s even more magical watching the wonder of the very first snowfall through your child’s eyes.

For many, the fascination and wonder that snowfall evokes never fades. Perhaps it’s the purity of its whiteness or the perfection of each tiny flake, as unique and individual as the humans who walk the earth. It has a soothing, almost soporific effect, but imagine the wonder of watching snow fall for the very first time, silently and majestically, as tiny flakes grow ever thicker until you can barely see through its sheer whiteness.

When my daughter Grace was born – a February babe – London had its first significant snowfall in years a few days after she was born. I remember looking out into our snowy garden, with the delicate heads of the recently bloomed snowdrops looking like they were wearing fluffy white fur coats up to their necks, and feeling the need to cuddle Grace ever closer to me.

I wasn’t in the slightest bit tempted to take her outside; I was a nervous first-timer, sharing precious bonding time with my daughter. I called heating services and had them help me service and upgrade my home heating and cooling system. I wanted to make sure she didn’t even realize we were supposed to be a bit chilly. If your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, you may contact an emergency hvac repair technician. Scheduling regular hvac services is also recommended to maintain the efficiency of your hvac system. If you need local portland furnace repair services, you may contact Sunset Heating & Cooling. Seek professional furnace repairs albany ny to have your furnace fixed and prepared for usage during the winter.

In this instance, the snowfall was my ally. We were happy prisoners and any intruders (with apologies to our eager visitors) were also kept at bay by the inclement weather.

There’s a lot to be said for observing snow whilst holed up within the cosy confines of your home, of course, but there are also times when it’s incumbent upon you to venture out into the wintry wonderland. Indeed, your children will demand it!

Living in London, heavy downfalls of snow used to be rare. In recent years, however, we’ve had sufficient  snowfall to whet our appetites. Will it snow this year? Our sleds and snowball-mak