Let this little beauty take pride of place atop your Christmas tree in this easy-peasy craft that lets you create the angel of your dreams.

Papier maché is a great craft to get children involved with, as it doesn’t really matter how messy or sticky your project, the end results are always impressive. This ready-made angel model craft is super easy. All you need to add is a good dollop of creativity – and children are brilliant at that.

You can customise your angel in any way you want, and young fashionistas will enjoy trying different patterned papers. Your child could even decorate their own paper first for a truly unique effect. Jackson Pollock, eat your heart out.  in our range to choose from, the possibilities really are endless.

Getting started

1. Painting your angel all over with white paint. When it’s dry, give a second coat – this will give a more even finish.

2. Apply glue to the front of her wings in a nice even layer, taking care to go right to the edges. Sprinkle silver glitter all over, leave for a few minutes, then shake off! When this is dry, do the same to the back of the wings.

What could be more delightful than creating your own bespoke angel to take pride of place atop your Christmas tree. Why not try fashionable fluoro neons, a rainbow, spotty dots
or even a tartan McAngel!

3. To make halo, twist a pipe cleaner into a circle and weave the rest of the pipe cleaner in and out of the circle to make it nice and firm. Attach halo to the top of angel’s head with  glue and press down firmly for a few minutes to keep it in place.

4. Use a skin tone of your choice for her face. Then mix a tiny amount of red and white paint to make a light shade of pink to give a rosy glow to her cheeks. With your Sharpie, draw two little semi-circle to look like angelic prayful eyes.

5. Cut long strips the length of the angel’s body out of your chosen paper. Make the strips thicker at one end and thinner at the other. Use a dab of glue to attach the thin end to the top of her body. Attach all of your strips to her body to make the dress. Et voila! An angelic winged angel fit to grace any Christmas tree.

Designer notes Felicity French is an illustrator and spends her time drawing and designing pages for colouring and activity books, as well as illustrating greeting cards.