Oh what would the world be without flowers? For starters we’d be missing a bouquet of girl’s names, from Rose and Daphne to Daisy and Lily, Iris and Jasmine to Violet and Poppy.

We would also be lacking a host of honey flavours, and bees would become an even more endangered rarity. On an environmental level, we’d apparently have a drier, hotter planet with less rain… and definitely a lot less colour!

Flowers are not only beautiful, they’re also therapeutic, both for our soul – in ways that defy explanation and our physical health (see our entries on echinacea, magnolia and viola). But how many flowers can you actually name from the gardens of your childhood?

Every day til the end of August we’ll showcase a brand new bloom and take you on an A to Z tour through gardens around the world

There are fun facts to flourish when making garden visits with your children, plus suggestions for glorious parks and festivals around the world where you can see each flower in its native habitat! Save your favourite places to your Collections for your family travel bucket list – simply pin now and plan the trip later!