Sitting 2000 metres above the picturesque village of San Cassiano in the Alta Badia region of South Tyrol in Northeastern Italy, the Las Vegas Lodge is a stunning eight bedroom lodge atop the mountain offering 360 degree views of nothing but mountain, piste and sky.

The original traditional refuge (complete with pine and gingham furnishings and the obligatory black and white ski prints and old wooden skis in the wall) still remains, but alongside it, charismatic owner Ulli has built a modern eight bedroom lodge.

Complete with panoramic glass wall dining area and dual aspect balcony accommodation, if views are your thing, look no further than
Las Vegas Lodge

You might not be able to mooch around the shops or bars in the evening, but you can enjoy a drink in front of a roaring fire, dine on delicious local dishes, chat to the charismatic and charming owner Ulli, and (best of all), hit the slopes before the lifts open in the morning!

Staying at the top of the mountain not only gave us breathtaking views, and an incredible sense of space and freedom – it also enabled us to have the mountains to ourselves before the lifts opened in the morning. “Where is everyone” my husband Mols asked as we surveyed the long, wide meandering runs. We didn’t ponder the issue for long, as the runs were soon long, wide, private runs and we positively squeaked as we carved up the fresh powder each morning, leaving fresh ski trails in the otherwise untouched and freshly piste-bashed snow.