Located in the centre of Israel, Herzliya is the perfect holiday destination for families looking for a beach resort.

Situated just a 15 minute drive from the city of Tel Aviv, the coastal resort is separated into two parts: Herzliya, the city itself, which is mainly a residential area and Herzliya Pituach, a smart suburb that is home to seven stunning beaches.

Herzliya is a tourist magnet year round, but come the summer months the endless stretches of sand fill with young families who flock to the resort to enjoy the warm and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea

With seven beaches dotting the coastline, there is something to appeal to everyone. Three in particular are great for swimming: Ha Sharon Beach, which is set up with slopes for wheelchairs and is located directly under De Shalit Square; Zvulun Beach, which is also where the local scouts club resides; and Acadia Beach (also sometimes referred to as Dabush Beach, due to a famous restaurant that was here for 50 years), which has the widest beachfront in the city and plenty of restaurants and hotels in the vicinity.

There is another for the strictly observant Jewish population with separate bathing days for men and women, and you will also find plenty of watersport activities on the other beaches, as well as people of all ages playing the famous Israeli Matkot game (Israeli paddle ball)!

Acadia stretches over six kilometres and is the perfect place to sunbathe and swim in the knowledge that not only is the sea calm but lifeguards are present. I have never been on a beach that has such clear warm water; even at night the temperature of the sea remains enticingly warm.

Why go… The beaches are spotless and the white sand is perfect to play in

Who is it best for… Families with toddlers through to teenagers (the area has a low crime rate so it is safe enough for older kids to go off by themselves, particularly as the sea is calm and lifeguards are present)

Top tip… If you’ve got room in your suitcase, buy buckets and spades, lilos and paddle ball games before you travel as it can cost double if you buy them in Israel

Our favourite bit… Paddling at night! Come 7pm it starts to get dark but the sea remains warm and there is nothing more exciting than visiting the beach once its emptied of all tourists and collecting the seashells that the tide has brought in

Don’t go… Between midday and 3pm; as well as being the hottest part of the day the sand can become unbearably hot and unpleasant to touch.