Style Correspondent DeBalino, BabyStylista, Los Angeles, California recommends

Compartes Chocolatier 

They always say, “Never judge a chocolate by its box” – but you have absolutely no choice when it comes to Compartes. This quaint Chocolate shop prides themselves on years of creating the most beautiful, vibrant colors and incredibly delicious details for each of their chocolate “works of art”. Of course my hubby is all about the taste and rarely notices the beauty; but we are both fans of the Peanut Butter, Honey, and Sea Salt Truffles (which undoubtedly satisfies every corner of your tastebuds – from sweet to savoury).

The Holiday Truffles Eggnog is so melt-in-your mouth divine – I can barely think about it without shedding a tear.

And if Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra or Elvis are your cup of tea – perhaps, you can share a bite (or 20) in honor of their love for Compartes Chocolate back in the Fifties.