If you have a fan of the four-wheeled phenomenon known as ‘cars’, then this is a must-stop destination for your family.

Over 250 vehicles from every corner of the world are on display in this motoring enthusiast’s paradise. Autoworld showcases everything from early twentieth century designs and stage coaches used by royalty to tiny micro-cars of the 60s and the latest developments in eco-friendly transport, with a good number of motorcycles thrown in too!

Understandably, there is a focus on Belgian design with displays of many prototypes and rare models from Belgian makers including D’leteren, Vanderplas, Minerva and Nagant. Autoworld consistently swaps around the cars they have on display, making sure that visitors on return trips have a slightly different experience every time.

Strong links with the F1 world has led to the recent installation of the Sport & Competition area. Dedicated to super speedy rally and racing vehicles, this section includes the perfect photo opportunity in the form of a real racing car that children clamber inside.

Temporary exhibitions in 2013 include rare collections by Ferrari, Lamborghini and motorcycle giants Suzuki. To see what’s on during your time in Brussels click here.

Part of the stunning Cinquantenaire Complex, Autoworld is a must for any family with car-crazy kids but their informative, chronological approach to creating displays means it can easily be enjoyed by those less in love with four wheeled transport as well. The lack of hands-on items is possibly the only downside and while older children will be content to walk around and admire the vehicles, littler ones may find the lack of car-riding opportunities disappointing.

Make sure you have a look at the whole Cinquantenaire Park Complex, the triumphal arch and horseshoe shaped building is one of Brussels most famous buildings and the grassy areas which stretch out in front of the main building are a great place to stop for a picnic or simply enjoy the views of architect Gideon Bordiau’s grand centre.