There is nothing quite as delightful as a casual cup of tea with a best friend (and your toddler) – which is precisely what we enjoyed yesterday at The Athenaeum. The great news is that this afternoon tea lives up to its award-winning London’s Best Afternoon Tea 2012 status (as awarded by the Tea Guild, no less!!) and delivers plenty more. I’ve taken tea at The Ritz, and I can safely say I would never attend that hallowed hall of haute-ness with my toddler in tow. But this venue and staff – an ideal  of personalised space, calm delivery, joyful humour. In a phrase: professional perfection. Every detail will be revealed in our full review later this week, but suffice to say that Rachael, Oliver, Brenden and I enjoyed every divine sip and delicious morsel. Thank you team Athenaeum!