Sure, you might need to actually become a pirate to afford the US$52,000 price tag, but this buccaneering beauty must surely be one of the most impressive pirate playhouses to have ever graced dry soil. 

With the title of Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse, this handcrafted pirate vessel comes with Captain’s Quarters, upper and lower decks, and a handcrafted crow’s nest for spotting trouble on the high seas.

The Captain’s Quarters seats up to four adults and features leatherette-cushioned benches that can also double as sleeping bunks, a working door, waterproof recycled composite roof and significant storage space. Who needs a garden shed!

We suggest that when the kids get tired of it, make use of it as a garden office – clients will not only be impressed but possibly intimidated into following your captain’s orders!

Other features include 17 windows and peepholes, a cannonball-riddled mast and rigging, carved wolf figurehead and ornate helm and rudder. Constructed from mahogany and steam curved poplar planks, as well as Douglas fir structural subflooring with warp- and splinter-resistant composite decking and Douglas fir structural framed walls, this is one pirate ship that’s built to weather many a buccaneering battle.

Available through Poshtots in the USA, who stock this product exclusively, if you can dream up a custom detail that you simply have to have for this pirate ship, the company will have it designed and delivered. And that definitely wasn’t an option available for pirates of olde…

Designer Details PoshTots was started in 2000 by Andrea Edmunds and Karen Booth Adams after they met over a business lunch and decided they wanted to do something creative with children’s high-end furniture. They now work with over 200 artisans to bring incredible designs to the market…