Whether you breast or bottle feed or combine the two (so *someone else* gets a chance to do a feed) one thing is for certain, a fast and effective sterilizer is a handy piece of equipment to have around during the early baby days. And Béaba’s sterilizers are not only top of the range, but also – remarkably for something so very functional – a chic addition to your kitchen countertop too. 

All too often, functional products for babies are cumbersome, aesthetically challenged designs, which is why, after  Béaba was founded in 1989, their design-savvy products were immediately snapped up by delighted mothers in Europe who were searching for quality, easy-to-use and genuinely innovative products that also had the contemporary styling to fit seamlessly into their kitchens.

Perhaps best-known for their ultimate weaning machine, the Babycook blender, Béaba’s expertise in baby products begins even before the days of weaning, with these – the “Steril” sterilizer trio, which quickly and effectively prepare feeding equipment for babies in their first year.

With this collection, Béaba have delivered a goodly dose of design kudos – as well as speed and efficiency – to the humble sterilizing unit

The Steril’express Top of the range is a roomy counter-top electric steam sterilizer, the Steril’express, which holds up to nine standard width bottles, or six wide neck bottles, plus teats, rings, lids and sealing discs in a tray positioned on top. Alternatively you can take your breast pump apart and sterilize that too. The sterilization cycle takes six minutes and the heat-sensitive handle changes colour to show when the lid is hot or cool.

The Steril’twin Next size down is the neat multi-purpose microwave steam and cold water sterilizer, the Steril’twin. It holds up to four standard or wide neck feeding bottles, plus accessories. Steam sterilizing in the microwave takes four to six minutes, depending on your microwave power, but there is also the option of cold water sterilization with a locking lid. When not in use, the unit stores neatly in the microwave.

The Steril’box Finally, for less frequent bottle fed babies or families who are travelling, the Steril’box is the ultimate in compact and super-quick sterilizing. It is a two-in-one microwave steam sterilizer – simply slide open the lid, fill the base with water and pop in either your breast pump, soothers and breastfeeding accessories, or one standard or wide-neck bottle plus lid, teat, disc and ring, and in two and a half minutes they’ll be ready to cool for reuse.

All of the units come with tongs to make the whole job a tidy hands-off experience.

Why? Minute traces of milk, whether breast or formula powder-based can be left on the inside of bottles or breast pumps, and this can cause bacteria to form. Sterilization is the only effective and safe way to get rid of the beastly bugs.

Outstanding Features The designs are uncomplicated, efficient and built to be used over and over again. You just have to choose which model suits your space, lifestyle and personal feeding routine.

Best For Safety conscious parents who want peace of mind when it comes to feeding their baby. The Steril’box is also best for those parents who are on the move and want something that is easily transported and that is quick to use.

Designer Details Béaba and its team of six cutting-edge designers is expert in creating baby products that anticipates the problems new parents might face, solving them and delivering innovative results that help make feeding and weaning a synch.