It’s nigh on impossible for a gal to don a tutu without adding a smile. An instant mood elevator, a tutu invites the wearer to walk with a spring in her step, to skip and dance and rejoice… Life is just more fun in a tutu!

For little girls, the love affair with a tutu is often a rite of passage. Pop on a tutu, with its multiple layers of light-as-gossamer-wings frothiness, and there’s only one thing you can do. Whirl and twirl, skip, hop and dance – with a great big smile on your face.

Worn by the most graceful and elegant dancers of the ballet world since 1832, tutus have also been embraced by generations of young girls keen to emulate the romance of the ballet – or simply to feel good about themselves.

There are your common-or-garden tutus – and then there’s something that just adds the extra froth. That’s exactly what Angel’s Face tutus deliver. Sumptuously soft and super-floaty, they are the ultimate indulgence when it comes to too-too cute tutus

Not content with the standard colours often available, Angel Face offers an exciting and vibrant palette of over 30 different colours from ruby red to tea rose, bright marigold to peacock blue, and many more. There’s even one in Tiffany blue that Audrey Hepburn types will appreciate, as well as some with lace trim, sparkly twinkles and even a splash of wild animal print.

Perfect for every event and occasion including festivals and parties, birthdays, fancy dress, christenings and weddings – or, indeed, anywhere you want to add a little frothiness to proceedings.

So what’s so special about an Angel’s Face tutu? Each one is made from over 40 metres of frills which makes them really full and fluffy – and make for a wonderful flounce when you twirl like a whirling dervish (and believe me, there will be plenty of twirling).

The double layer of full-circle flouncy super-soft nylon chiffon fabric is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. In the rock n roll Fifties, women used to soak their full petticoats in sugar water to make them stick out more under their flouncy skirts. It certainly made them stiffer, but they were very uncomfortable too (Men wanting to emulate Elvis and Jimmy Dean also used sugar water and pomade to give their quiffs style and hold).

Thankfully, these gorgeous pettiskirts add the shoosh and swirl without the scratchy – and they’re quite sweet enough without the sugar soak. They also have a softly elasticated waistband that can be adjusted to fit and fastened with a sassy bow for the finishing touch.

Just one challenge. In common with real ballerinas in tutus, your child might find her toes disappear beneath her full-circle magnificence of her tutu (a common challenge for ballerinas too). Fortunately, that can be swiftly rectified by pointing your toes and kicking your leg with an elegant jeté. Et voilà!

Should you ever manage to entice your child out of her tutu, it can be neatly stored in its vintage style gift box until the next time you want to unleash its frothy loveliness.

Coveting the gorgeousness yourself? Fear not. A smaller collection of the styles come in adult sizes too, so there’s no excuse for not perfecting that pas-de-deux.

Fun fact There are several versions of the modern tutu.

  • The Classical tutu has a skirt made of 10-12 layers of stiff sticky-out tulle.
  • A pancake tutu is supported by a hoop and, as the name suggests, is very flat, with few ruffles.
  • A Platter tutu is similar to the pancake tutu, but sits at the waist instead of the hipline.
  • The American tutu (also known as the Balanchine, Karinska or powderpuff tutu) has very short tulle ruffles loosely sewn on to a pantie to give a soft effect.

Did you know? Fashion designers Cecil Beaton in England, Christian Lacroix in France, and Isaac Mizrahi in the United States have all designed tutus. Among the leading makers of tutus around the world, few designers have matched the reputation of Barbara Karinska (1886-1983), costumer for the New York City Ballet for many years, who designed and constructed tutus of extraordinary beauty and durability.

Designer details Angel’s Face was established by Keely Deininger in 2007. The company is acclaimed for its beautiful, high quality, tutu skirts which are available in over 30 colours and range from infant through to adult sizes. The success of the tutus has enabled the brand to expand and offer a comprehensive girlswear collection, including soft knitwear, shoes and accessories. Angel’s Face is an international brand and is stocked in over 300 stores worldwide, including Selfridges, John Lewis, House of Fraser, David Jones (Australia), Galeries Lafayette (Paris) and El Corte Inglés (Spain).