Bamboo is, quite simply, a baby’s best friend. And while the aden & anais brand specialised in muslin since their founding days, they also have a line of bamboo wraps with patterns and colour ways that are the perfect pick-me-up amidst those early sleepless nights.

Reflecting the traditions of mothers around the world, aden & anais’ bamboo collection has everything from Diwali elephant prints in shades of purple and blue through to the graphic orange based prints of Mela (which means ‘gathering’ in Sanskrit)

Whether it’s the thoughtfulness that has gone into the design, or the gorgeous patterns, or just the softness of these wraps, we think they are an essential on every new baby’s birth list!

Why bamboo? aden + anais combine muslin (for its light open weave, which allows the baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally) with rayon from bamboo fibre. The more you wash them, the softer they get.

The best bit…  They are extra large, measuring 47 x 47cm, which means your baby won’t outgrow the swaddle in a matter of weeks!

DESIGNER DETAILS aden + anais was founded by Raegan Moya-Jones, who moved from Australia to the US and started a family only to discover that she was unable to find anything akin to the muslin wraps the women in her own family had used to swaddle their babies back in Australia. So she started aden + anais, designing a swaddle large enough to be truly useful to mothers– and not just for swaddling, but as a stroller cover, nursing shield, tummy time blanket, or a burping cloth. And she started creating colorful, modern prints that would transform this simple tool of motherhood into something stylish and fun. We are all glad she did!