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12 We Love: The Peanuts Gang

by Catherine O'Dolan on 16/10/2015

With The Peanuts Movie coming soon, Charlie Brown, Snoopy et al are having a well-deserved moment.

Written and illustrated by Charles M Schulz and first published in 1950, the simple four-picture comic strip became the world’s longest running and most popular storyline ever, appearing in American and international newspapers for nearly half a century, and spawning a host of spin-off merchandise, a TV series and animated feature films. They have also been and feted in the world of fashion, toys and books.

“Starring a bunch of ordinary kids, The Peanuts Gang have stolen the hearts of generations”

To celebrate the iconic characters we hold so dear, here’s a round-up of some of our favourite Peanuts pieces.

  1. Yellow chevron cardigan (ages 1-5 years) £24.95 by GapKids + Peanuts.
  2. Charlie Brown figurine £5 by Schleich.
  3. Snoopy high-top trainers (shoe sizes UK4-10) £16.95 by Gapkids + Peanuts.
  4. Red and white stripe Snoopy and Woodstock sweater (ages 1-5 years) £19.99 by Gapkids + Peanuts.
  5. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween gift set £16 by Schleich.
  6. Merry Christmas Snoopy! £6.99 by Puffin. Read our review here.
  7. Snoopy and Woodstock tote bag £19.95 by GapKids + Peanuts.
  8. Joe Cool Snoopy figure £5 by Schleich.
  9. Woodstock Plush soft toy £8.99 from Harrods.
  10. Peanuts stationery, including exercise books, journals, pens and pencil cases from £3 at John Lewis.
  11. “Aaugh!” Charlie Brown scarf £14.95 by GapKids + Peanuts.
  12. Set of two egg cups featuring Snoopy and Charlie Brown £7.99 from TruffleShuffle.

Note: The Gap + Peanuts collection is available from October 20.

*** Discover more fun facts about Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends in our feature about Charles M Schulz’ Peanuts ***

Did you know? “Aaugh!” is the frustration phrase of choice used when Peanuts characters scream, often leaning back their heads with their mouths open almost as big as their faces.

Fun fact Charlie Brown’s pet beagle Snoopy (who is blessed with a rich, Walter Mitty -like fantasy life) was originally going to be called “Sniffy”, until creator Charles M Schulz found out that name was used in a different comic strip, so he changed the dog’s name to Snoopy.


1. Chevron cardigan by GapKids + Peanuts
2. Charlie Brown by Schliech
3. Snoopy high-tops by GapKids + Peanuts
4. Striped Snoopy Jumper by GapKids + Peanuts
6. Merry Christmas, Snoopy! by Puffin
5. Halloween Gift Set by Schliech
7. Snoopy tote by GapKids + Peanuts
8. Joe Cool Snoopy by Schleich
10. Peanuts Stationery from £3 at John Lewis
9. Woodstock Soft Toy from Harrods
12. Snoopy and Charlie Brown Egg Cups from TruffleShuffle
11. Charlie Brown "Aaugh!" Scarf by GapKids + Peanuts

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