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Södra Långgatan 38
391 20 Kalmar
Ph: +46 480 41 18 84

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Playsam toys are designed to be classic and contemporary; fanciful and functional; simple and sophisticated.

At first glance, these characteristics may seem slightly contradictory. But Playsam firmly believe that opposites attact.

The leading Scandinavian design company in its class, Playsam creates innovative and timeless wooden toys for the young and young at heart

With each and every toy, this company not only strives for physical functionality, but also for an art form that challenges pre-existing artistic concepts and conventions, from the Streamliner series of cars to the wonderful Rocking Rabbit.

The aim is to engage children and parents who welcome a visual challenge, demand superb quality and crave intellectual creativity. And during more than twenty years of business, Playsam have been doing exactly this by inspiring individuals all around the world with artistic aesthetics and ageless designs.

Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest.