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MGA Entertainment, Inc.
16300 Roscoe Blvd.
Suite 150
Van Nuys
Ph: +1 (800) 222-4685

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Launched in 2013, Mooshka is a soft doll toy from MGA Entertainment, the toy doll empire founded by Isaac Larian.

And the story goes: “The Mooshka dolls were once individual paper dolls, but one day, through the power of friendship, they joined hands and sprang into sweet, huggable girls who discover that all kinds of special and wonderful things happen once you connect with your friends! Now, the Mooshka dolls hold hands with each other to show how friendship connects us all.”

Combining colorful soft dolls with high-quality animated e-books, Mooshka dolls have been designed to promote play and reading.

The family of Mooshka dolls include Mooshka Girls, Mooshka Tots and Mooshka: Sing Around the Rosie collections; each doll has her own personality, birthday and fashions that complement her unique character.”

Being a part of the MGA Entertainment empire, they are an inevitable piece of toy history.