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Founded by innovation thought leader Nicholas J. Webb, Hanz creates toys that have been designed to get kids reengaged in innovation, creativity, science, technology, and math.

The construction and innovation toys from Hanz emphasise open ended learning experiences for children that teach the principles of collaboration, innovation and productive creativity. There are currently three product groups in the Hanz range:

The Inventor Lab, one of the construction toy industry’s most awarded sets; Genius Blocks (a building block that  offers up to ten connection points); and, HanzBloks, one of the most flexible and powerful building sets, providing almost unlimited building options.

The construction sets from Hanz come with no instruction book, but plenty of suggestions for ways to combine pieces to enable inventing ‘from scratch’

The precision manufactured pieces provide almost limitless options for creativity, and downloadable 3-D files allow players to turn their creations into robotic and maker build platforms.

The company’s sincere passion is to get kids excited about innovation and technology. They are the premiere sponsor for the “Get America Inventing Challenge” which aims to find new ways to get kids involved in innovation, creative problem solving, and all the disciplines of STEM.

The Hanz innovation platform is one of the most awarded products in the educational products industry with awards including Best Product of the Year, Best Toy of the Year, the Brainchild Award, and the prestigious Dr. Toy 100 Best and 10 Best products.