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Studio C
74 Hungerford Road
N7 9LP
Ph: +44 (0)7828 825580

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The D*Haus Company is an experimental design and architecture practice that is inspired by the mathematical mosaic of fibres that together, formulate our world. Although The D*Haus Company is inspired by the concept of dynamic living within modern, contemporary spaces, D*Haus creations are the culmination of an intriguing history that spans an entire century.

The success of the D*Haus is a testament to the notion that long-forgotten ideas from the past can inform modern thinking: the cutting edge design formula employed by The D*Haus is in fact the result of a brainwave belonging to a mathematical genius, whose fascinating idea lay tragically dormant for almost 90 years.

This is the journey of how one man’s stroke of genius at the turn of the 20th century evolved to become an exciting and innovative architecture and design company.

The D*Haus Company is set to cause a revolution in architecture and design by transforming Dudeney’s idea from the conceptual, to the physical. Inspired by Dudeney’s logic puzzle, each D*Haus dwelling is capable of adapting to changing patterns of living in the future. D*Haus is continuing the journey that Dudeney began by breathing new life into a century-old concept; not only to define a space, but a lifestyle. Dynamic Living.