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Contact Information

Cosatto Limited,
Bentinck Mill,
Bentinck Street,
BL4 7EP,
Ph: 0333 323 1729

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The Cosatto 3 C’s are born – Cosy, Comfy and Cute. They’re the pushchair rules. It’s about added awesome. Our accessories are all included from headhuggers to changing bags. Great value is one of our core values; quality is our obsession.

Cosatto brings the thrill of colour, pattern and quirky design to the world of baby stuff. They believe every newborn needs a brilliant fanfare of joy and colour; and that’s just for starters.

To really save the world, Cosatto aims to be completely fantastic at everything else too; from manufacturing, shipping and testing, to marketing, selling, customer care and servicing. Cosatto wants to WOW you guys at every single opportunity. Cosatto wants to be the best; the most durable, user-friendly, functional and practical out there. Cosatto want their service to be the best; the friendliest, the most helpful and the quickest. This business of Saving the World is more than love-at-first-sight stuff, Cosatto wants you guys to love absolutely everything they do.

Values? They’re the way stuff is done at Cosatto. Values are the stuff in the middle, the heart of what Cosatto is. They drive us to give you the best they can give every day.

Cosatto don’t just make something for the sake of it. What would be the point of that? You put your life into our stuff, so does Cosatto. That’s the connection, from Cosatto’s middle to you, to your baby. Cosatto’s values remind us to be our best selves every day so you can live the best version of your life. Ace.