For astronauts and aliens alike, these decorative handles mark the spot where a spaceboy keeps his socks.

Dotcomgiftshop Christmas Moodboard inclusion 2013.

Full MyLittleStyleFile inclusion to come in 2014.

Designer Details From a market stall heritage (albeit in London’s trendiest setting in Notting Hill), Rob and Eri set up business in 1980 under the guise of Rex International, with a mission to travel the globe to find interesting and unusual things to bring back for their customers. After many trips to south East Asia, the underground car park they’d rented in Kentish Town (which flooded whenever it rained) became too small to store all their goods, and they moved to a warehouse where they continued to expand, selling home furnishings and artefacts from all over the world. In 2004, they created a design studio to manufacture their own product ranges, launching their dedicated online emporium Dotcomgiftshop in 2005, selling a gorgeous collection of vintage-inspired gifts, toys, interiors and homeware.