Made from abaca (a plant also known as Cebu hemp that is closely related to the banana plant), woven on a steel frame and tied with nylon, Le Petit Voyage crib by designer Kenneth Cobonpue is one of those elegant pieces that is destined for iconic status! 

Inspired by ancient reed boats, the Voyage crib is at once sculptural yet organic, light yet strong, and was designed to be a space where a baby can oh-so-poetically voyage to the world of dreams. Besides, even if your baby is waking every hour, at least you are picking her up from one of the most elegant cribs you would possibly have dreamt of having yourself.

Focused on the Filipino Cebu tradition of weaving, a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation, this design is quite unique in the nursery market due to its extremely open look.

Most cribs offer wide, solid slats or Moses baskets with an entirely closed weave; this, on the other hand, has utilised the strength of its alternative materials and the beauty of the traditional skills of weaving to make something that aligns a traditional look with the coolest, most contemporary of designs

“One of the remarkable aspects about working with natural materials is their inherent structural character and beauty, which I try to use to best advantage in every piece,” Kenneth explains. “As focused as I am on creating something truly beautiful, functionality is always a primary goal; it must work in everyday life, not purely a piece of art, so every piece must satisfy comfort, and then go beyond that as much as possible. There is just no compromise on that front.”

“Early in my career, I was walking through a forest when all of a sudden I realised that what makes a forest canopy so beautiful is the juxtaposition of leaves against branches in several layers,” he said in a recent interview. “Sunlight filters its rays and explodes in so many fascinating patterns through these structures. I wanted to capture that magic by designing skeletal structures that transmit light.”

The process of perfecting each of Cobonpue’s original concepts takes a minimum of a year to complete.

The two greatest influences for Kenneth’s designs are his mother, who was a pioneering interior and furniture designer herself, and his location: “Living on Cebu is an enormous influence with quality craftsmen and artisans who can transform my dreams into reality. The Philippines is also the only country in Asia that was colonized by both the USA and Spain, so it is often said that the history here is 300 years in a convent, and 3 years in Hollywood.” This remarkable blend of three different cultures in one place is incredibly unique and offers a crossroads of cultures that inspire Cobonpue’s designs.

Also available in an outdoor version using polyethylene and steel, The Petit Voyage Crib is not only one of the most aesthetically beautiful cribs, but also hardwearing and practical. A masterful combination for the nursery!

Designer Details Originally from Cebu in the Philippines, Kenneth Cobonpue is a multi-award winning furniture designer and manufacturer. After graduating from Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York, Cobonpue worked in Italy and Germany before returning home where he was inspired to integrate the natural materials in that region with innovative handmade production techniques, and the designer has since been the winner of numerous prestigious awards from around the world, including Japan Good Design Awards, the Design for Asia Award in Hong Kong, the American Society of Interior Design Top Pick, and the French Coup de Coeur. He also  believes that everything should be designed as a sustainable and responsible option. To that end, he has even designed an electric car made of bamboo.